Another Landslide in Bududa

Bududa landslide caused by yesterday’s heavy rains

Local News

The Philosophical say by George Santayana that “Those who Do Not Learn History Are Doomed To Repeat It” is one of the painful statements that we continue to witness impacting every time it rains heavily in Bududa area.

The Tuesday afternoon heavy downpour left over 150 houses washed away in Bududa with five people confirmed dead whereas many others still missing.

A similar heavy mudslide occurred in the same Bukalasi sub -county in October 11, 2018 which left a number of lives lost in less than a year.

The Elgon area police spokesperson, ASP Robert Tukei confirmed the deaths but said he was not sure of the exact number.

“It is true it happened and more than five people in Bukalasi and Buali sub- counties were killed,” as he was yet to move to the affected areas to assess the exact impact of the mudslides.

Uganda Red Cross spokesperson, Irene Nakasiita also confirmed the incident but said she too was not yet sure of the exact numbers of people and property affected.

“We are still conducting an assessment and then give final figures,”Nakasiita said.

Following a heavy downpour on October 11, mudslides hit Bukalasi Sub-County in Bududa District sweeping away an entire village, killing people and leaving several others homeless.

At least 20 people were then confirmed dead following the mudslides that swept villages.

Government has since embarked on resettling locals from Bududa to other safer areas for their own safety.