The Alur Culture

TheAlur – Jonam cultural festival was a success

Local News

The Alur Jonam Cultural Festival held at Uganda Museum held on Sunday went successfully.

The event was intended to showcase the cultural practices of the Alur people form West Nile where they sung folk songs, prepared Alur food, displayed Alur art and craft, Alur artistes performed and danced to keep all lively.

They were entertained with traditional music played with Agwara, Ndara, and Adungu.

The Chief executive Officer of Uganda Tourism Board, Lilly Ajarova who attended the festival said Culture establishes and reinforces identity and builds image.

While addressing participants, Ajavora said, “The food, dances and all the stories reminded me of my childhood, it was a special day filled with happiness and sharing”.

The Alur are one of the various ethnic groups that inhabit the west Nile part of Uganda. They live amongst the Okebu, Lendu, Kakwa, Alinga and other ethnic groups of West Nile. However, unlike their neighbors who are Sudanic, the Alur are Luo.  They are Nilotics and they belong to the same language group as the Acholi, the Japadhola, the Joluo of Kenya, the Shiluk, the Anuak and other Luo of the Northern Sudan