Anite fires utl administrator

UTL’s Administrator fired out of office

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The administrator of Uganda Telecom Bemanya Twebaze has been sacked. In a statement to the Attorney General, the state minister for privatization and investment Evelyn Anite says, court should be informed of his sacking as government looks for his replacement.

In statement dated 26th June 2019 titled “Removal of Administrator of Uganda Telecom limited, the state minister for privatization and investment Evelyn Anite has instructed the Attorney General to apply to court to have Bemanya Twebaze removed as the Administrator of Uganda Telecom.

Bemanya was appointed as administrator on April 28, 2017 when government took over UTL, in what Anite says was too save the company from collapsing

According to the statement, Bemanya has become difficult to deal with which has made government lose confidence in his ability to continue serving the role of administrator

Bemayna’s sacking comes days after he and the minister made contradictory statements regarding the performance of the telecom company

While addressing parliament last week, state minister for investment Evelyn Anite said government had lost control of UTL.

A day later Bemmyana dismissed the minister’s statement saying the company was on track